Student Registration is now closed! Additional Registration will occur onsite before the start of classes.

Student Registration Deadline: April 14th, 2019

Spring 2019 Splash! Day: April 20th, 2019

Job Description

Splash Volunteer

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For check in, they are responsible for checking in students. They collect the waivers, make sure they are signed correctly, make sure the student gets the right folder and that their schedule is correct.

If they sign up for building check, they are responsible for staying in buildings during classes, making sure students know what room they are supposed to be in. If students want to leave, they get escorted back to the commons. They also make sure kids know where the bathrooms are.

Volunteers also help out with serving lunch if they need to. Also, with the activity they can be a team leader, or they can just join a team and help with the scavenger hunt.

For teachers lounge, they make sure teachers are checked in, they pick up supplies if necessary, they get their shirts, they eat breakfast and their stuff is secure.

Volunteers will help clean up the buildings.

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