We at Splash! UMBC wish you all a wonderful school year! 

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Welcome to Splash! at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County!


Imagine being able to take classes that were designed specifically for you. For the things you care about, things that inspire you, the subjects you’re interested in. Splash! UMBC is striving to make that happen.


At Splash! Day, middle and high school students get the opportunity to embark on a unique expedition of learning. All classes directly engage students in the subject of their choosing through interactive learning.


Classes are taught by college students, closing the age gap that often seems to distance students from their teachers. Some of the subjects and topics of previous classes include cooking, dancing, economics, artificial intelligence, psychology, drawing, Civil War history, graphic design, biology, debate, chemistry, engineering, computer science, drawing, environmental science, human rights issues, civics, pet care and many, many more.

Allowing each student to select their own Splash! classes ensures that everyone has their own unique experience and gets the most out of their classes. It also ensures that our teachers have students who are fully engaged and excited to be in their classes. By bringing students into a college environment to take classes specifically tailored towards their interests, taught by students who have the same interests, we continue building a community of students who value lifelong learning.

If this is something that interests you, then you are in the right place! We look forward to seeing, hearing, teaching and learning from you all!

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