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Spring Splash 2017 will be coming soon!

~~April 8, 2017~~

Spring 2017 Classes are coming soon!

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Imagine…being able to take classes that were designed specifically for you. Splash! UMBC is striving to make that happen. At our November 12th, 2016 event, high school and middle school students will get a chance to embark on a unique expedition of learning. High school and middle school students will be mentored by their slightly older counterparts, closing the age gap that often seems to distance students from their professors.

All classes will directly engage the students in the subject of their choosing through interactive learning. Learn about the Chemistry of Flavor, debate Questions of the Universe, or learn how to solder in Volts and Hot Lead.

Allowing each student to select their own Splash endeavors ensures that everyone has his/her own unique experience. By bringing students into a college environment to take classes specifically tailored towards their interests, we can build a community of students on the path to lifelong learning.